The MIND MAGIC promo video.


Entertainment for YOUR Fundraising event.

Bringing your community together to help local groups, causes and projects!

“Louis Pezzani bends spoons with his mind.

He also bends forks and keys. At least it appears that way, and nobody has been able to explain why under Pezzani’s intent gaze and the light stroking of his fingertips a solid metal object will suddenly become putty in his hands.”

The Edmonton Sun

That was written when Louis was 18 years old…

Incredible magic of the mind entertainment for events

This is a special sequence. It is demonstrating metal bending under test conditions. Nothing flashy, single camera, no edits, no leaving frame, examined objects.

This is very difficult and is a much slower process than happens in my ‘formal’ show.
( no sound, btw )

Guy: “I bet he can’t bend it without touching it.”

Me: “How much money do you have?”

A unique, and particularly mind-blowing, show.

And it takes place in your Very. Own. Home!

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