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Hidden In Plain Sight

By September 30, 2019 October 17th, 2022 No Comments

Just because you think you’ve observed something, doesn’t mean you’ve actually understood what was in front of you. Magicians, because of the nature of our work, are very familiar with this concept, but this truth exists far beyond the stage.

For example. You are walking down the street. You’ve gone down this street many times before. And you notice that on the sidewalk is a pile of shattered glass. Broken pieces of glass –  a pile of it. And you look around, no broken windows. Weird. But  you keep  on walking. A few seconds later, you hear someone yelling behind you. You turn around and see this guy jumping up in the air and yelling. You see, this person has a degree in Gemmological studies. The study of precious stones. And they realize that what they are looking at is not a pile of glass. They are diamonds.

Walking further down this increasingly unfamiliar street, you see a person standing on the corner. Babbling insanely to themselves. Gesturing wildly. Just spewing nonsensical sounds. Poor guy, but it’s actually kind of scary. So you keep your distance, and then notice that there is actually someone standing in front of them, Who is nodding in apparent agreement, and responding to them in a similar bizarre fashion. In actuality, they are discussing the meaning of our existence, it’s just that you don’t understand the Mandarin dialect.

One person sees a few pieces of plastic pushed around on a table. The other witnesses the greatest game of chess which has ever been played.

A book: one person uses it to prop up a table leg, another reads it and learns how to fly.

Well, pilot an aircraft, anyways. Not “FLY FLY“. That’d be cool.

There are many examples of a group of people observing the exact same occurrence, and yet having totally different interpretations of what has actually taken place. Much of how we see and how we interpret things, depends on our understanding. And understanding is a combination of knowledge and experience.

You know, some of the very smartest people on the planet are involved in Astrophysics. The science of examining Space and everything in it. Planets, stars, and galaxies. And these are VERY, VERY smart people. And you know what? They are the very first ones to admit that they know little about that subject of which they are considered EXPERTS. They realize that they are ALWAYS learning. Always something new to see and attempt to understand.

Always learning.

I learned that the moment you think you know it all – that’s when you start missing stuff.

Like diamonds.