Edmonton Magician of the Mind and Mentalist gets rave reviews!

“Louis was absolutely wonderful! Very personable and easy to communicate with. We booked him for a corporate Christmas event and with the stress of everything else, he was very easy to work with, and accommodated our changing schedule. Everyone loved the performance and he was so entertaining!
He kept the people engaged the entire performance and his crowd work was fantastic! We highly recommend Louis for any event entertainment!”
Edmonton Valve and Fitting

“Louis Pezzani was an absolute pleasure to work with.
He is very kind and responsive in his emails and provides all the information an event planner would need to make the process smooth! His show wowed our guests and his sense of humour added something extra to his impressive mind magic.
Thank you so much Louis for an incredible evening!”
Western Financial Group

“All the feedback I received was very positive. You made my job very easy.
I know who to recommend!”
Northwind Land Resources

“For our Second Annual Ladies Retreat we wanted to try something new and different.  We found Louis – MIND MAGIC!  Sounded intriguing.  Sent a message.  Got a response back almost immediately.  Was very friendly and informative and willing to work with what we had to offer- audience, venue, time and accommodations.  We were set. Fast forward to show time.
Our evening ended off with a truly astounding Mentalist show – Louis Pezzani – Mind Magic- as he really baffled our noggins with his ability to know what we were thinking; to show us how the mind can do such powerful things if we harness it!  The ladies were awed.  Not only did he include just about every one of our small group of 30 ladies in his performance but a select few even walked away with a souvenir. We would definitely recommend Louis to other organizations big or small.  He was truly entertaining!”
Hardisty K-Club

“Louis is an excellent performer and everyone who attended was delighted and amazed. I highly recommend hiring him for your next event. He is very easy to work with and maintained contact, showed up on time and was engaging with everyone.”
Athabasca River Rats Festival

“Louis came to our conference to perform and gave us a most amazing experience!! He is funny, deeply engaging, and extremely talented as a performer. I would recommend him to anyone hosting an event! Thank you Louis for a most unique and truly mind-blowing experience!”
Alberta Foster Parents Association

“Louis Pezzani’s Mind Magic will leave your jaw on the ground and your mind working overtime trying to figure out what just happened! Louis’ ability to make us laugh while blowing our minds is a true talent. It was a fantastically entertaining show and I would highly recommend Louis for any and all events.”
Concrete Alberta

“Your performance was very appropriate for a corporate function, entertaining, amusing and the hour seemed to fly by.
It was a real pleasure having you there. Look forward to seeing you again.”
MPA Engineering Ltd.

“Pezzani’s act is pretty cool, and I recommend checking it out.”
Georgia Straight – Vancouver

“A mind twister with old-school charm and easygoing humor.”
Edmonton Sun

“Solid entertainment! Louis was a joy to work with. The ‘littles’ were mesmerized and the ‘bigs’ were mind boggled. Highly recommended for any size group! Thank you for an incredible show.”
Hussar and District Agricultural Society

“He was the perfect choice for our Volunteer Appreciation night. Interactive, entertaining, amusing….and utterly fascinating! You NEED to get Louis Pezzani for your next event.”
Claresholm & District FCSS

“Louis was very entertaining at our staff Christmas party and kept our large and diverse audience engaged. His accuracy was spot on and we would highly recommend him to anyone considering.”
Summit Salons

“He kept the entire crowd on the edge of their seats as he blew our minds away! I would recommend him for any of your functions in the future, big or small”.
Pembina West Co-op, Barrhead

“We have received very good feedback and people are still talking about it today!”
Lloydminster Bobcats Hockey Team

“You really engaged well with the guests and were funny and personable.
Everyone thought you were fantastic and fun.”
Fireball Equipment Ltd

“Louis Pezzani’s Mind Magic show is definitely something we would recommend to others. The show has a huge impact on students, bringing every day math and probability into real-world applications. Louis Pezzani is able to create a great connection with the young audience, keeping them engaged throughout the show. He provided students with an amazing, magical, mind-boggling, surprising and mathematical performance.
Thank you for a great show!”
Aurora Academic Charter School

“His performance was outstanding and top notch from start to finish. Instead of just standing on stage and showing his Mind Magic he interacted with the crowd and made us all feel like we were part of the show. The audience LOVED it and were totally enthralled with his talents. “
Saskatoon Lake Agricultural Society

“MIND MAGIC was a most engaging, entertaining, and humorous show that left me wanting more! Mr. Pezzani really engaged the audience with his talent and his wit! It allowed our group of Student Services professionals an opportunity to relax, laugh, and be entertained! Thank you!”
Grande Prairie Regional College

“Thank you for coming to our event. I know that you really confounded our audience. Everybody found it very interesting and perplexing. You were definitely able to connect with the audience, I know everyone wanted to be chosen as a participant so they could try to see if you could read their minds. We were truly entertained by your show and I would recommend you to others.
Eckville Recreation Board

“It was a great show! Thank you so much. We had great feedback. The event was family/child orientated and the fact that you chose MIND MAGIC demonstrations that the children could follow and understand but ALSO keep the adults focused and engaged is FANTASTIC!
I would definitely recommend you to others for your great performance and mind blowing demonstrations.
Thank you again for everything.”
Village of Alix

“Louis’ eyes lock onto mine. There’s an S in the word. Right. I see an M…no a W. Right.
Can this be spelled two ways?
Are you thinking of the word SEW?
Edmonton Sun

“Everyone from our group thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. It was the perfect entertainment for our Winter Gala. Thank you again Louis!! Will definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues.”
Investors Group St. Albert

“His ability to engage the audience kept everyone on their toes and we never knew what to expect. His Spoon bending caught the audience’s attention and people could be heard talking about it long after the show ended.
We would definitely recommend adding Louis Pezzani Mind Magic to your next event!”
Brooks and District Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you – the show was great and we were happy to have you.”
Cadogan Agricultural Society

“Your show was wonderful! All I have heard is good things and that everyone enjoyed it – but they wished it was longer!”
Town of Barrhead

“Pezzani skillfully demonstrated his ability to not only influence the minds and read the behaviour of the audience as promised, but to use his natural charisma to captivate and lead audience members to believe in that which seemed impossible until it was before our eyes.”
Theatre Addicts Vancouver

“I heard nothing but positive feedback on the show, it was very entertaining and as I looked around the room during the show I could see that everyone’s attention was fixed on you, which at times can be difficult in a setting like that with that many people.
Your show was very professional and in particular I was very impressed that you were able to have the audience participate without having to entertain at the expense of embarrassing anyone … truly a class act!”
Bruins Plumbing and Engineering, Red Deer

“Thank you so much for bringing your Mind Magic show to us! It was very entertaining and we thoroughly enjoyed it!
Hope to see you again!”
Rosslyn Place

“We had Louis Pezzani’s MINDMAGIC entertain at a Hall Board and 4-H event (this included a lot of kids) and during the show the only noise to be heard was laughter and applause. This was proof of how engrossed in the show everyone was! It was a great evening – lots of good feed back!!”
Cremona Hall Society

“A mind twister with old-school charm and easygoing humor.”
Edmonton Sun

“Thanks so much for entertaining at our family event. We’ve had a wonderful response and awesome feedback! People are still talking about your show.”
W. Pidhirney Welding Ltd.

“Thank you for putting on a incredibly entertaining experience. It was amazing and took regular magic to a higher level. Any company looking for something different and unique – take the time to enjoy this experience.”
Canyon Technical Services, Red Deer

“All of the comments I heard were very positive. Basically people were blown away! They are probably still trying to figure out how you did some of those things …
Thank you for putting on such a great show.”
Warren Sinclair LLP

“It was well received, and would consider having Louis back for another event. Definitely a great group entertainer!”
Division of Gastroenterology, University of Alberta

“The evening was wonderful, Louis had everyone involved and entertained. After Louis was done the crowd was still talking about events that happened.”
Alberco Construction Ltd.

“It was a pleasure meeting you and even more to see your incredible “magic”
TBJ Event & Production Management

“Louis was a welcome addition to our annual company BBQ! Louis was able to get the whole audience to participate ranging from 5 year old kids to the Grandma’s and Grandpa’s. His performance was mind blowing. He is still being talked about today! Thanks Louis for providing a wonderful evening, our staff and clients loved it!”
Can-Traffic Services Ltd.

“Thank you so much for your performance. It was remarkable as you said it would be.”
Cana Events Inc.

“Your performance was very professional. Our audience was impressed and amazed. We had several positive comments after the show! Louis, you were very easy to work with and we’d recommend you to others.
Strathcona County Recreation, Parks and Culture”

“Great job ! We at the Social Club were amazed at the large turnout. We didn’t have enough seating nor food!”
Cross Cancer Institute Social Club, Edmonton

“Louis was easy to work with, looked good, and gave a great performance!”
Gyro Club, Edmonton

“Can I faint now?”
“A Channel” Television interviewer

“I gave him one of my keys and – right before my eyes – the soft-spoken Pezzani bent it.”
Prince George Citizen

“By the time I left, my mind had been read, car keys bent and common sense confused.”
Edmonton Journal

“Pezzani’s act was fantastic fare, well beyond magic and illusion shows.”
Cowichan News Leader

“Skeptics were quiet.”
Cowichan Valley News

And that’s just from the last 2 weeks!

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