“Impossible is Just a Word”

Canadian Mentalist and Edmonton Magician of the Mind, Louis Pezzani combines psychology, magic, comedy, audience participation, and mind-blowing mystery to create a rare and unforgettable entertainment experience.

Louis’ study of the mystery arts started at the age of 8 with sleight of hand. At 11, he became fascinated with fraudulent physical mediumship which led to his study of Mentalism. As a teen, he expanded his skills to include escapology, comedy and ventriloquism.

He’s brought his critically acclaimed show to a diverse range of audiences and settings. His refreshing and clever mix of comedy and magic of the mind has proven to be hugely popular with his clients and their audiences.

Louis spends his time “running the biz”, creating new pieces, performing, cooking, walking, and playing way too much Fallout.

“He can tell you the cube root of 357,911
in the time it takes you to say that number.”

Georgia Straight