I pay a $200 REFERRAL FEE to any person who refers a client to me, when that client books one of my shows.

The client contacts me, the show is confirmed, and you get 200 bucks.
I think it’s a great way for people to make money, without having to do a lot of work.

It just takes one email. Something like this…

 ————————Sample Email ————————

Subject: Entertainment idea for your next event

I know your group has held events in the past and thought this might interest you.

He’s an Albertan entertainer and his show sounds pretty amazing and fun. He also has a lot of very positive reviews.

His website is www.canadianmentalist.com

P.S. If you contact him, please tell him I referred you!

 ————————/ Sample Email ————————

That’s $200 for EVERY show you refer which is booked.

  •  Tell your friend about my show.
  •  They contact me and I give them a quote.
  •  They book me.
  • You get $200 e-transferred to you.

And this is REALLY important to remember…

This can be ANY event, held ANYWHERE.

The show does NOT need to be in your hometown.

Or Province.

Or Country! The furthest I’ve travelled for a show has been Singapore, so you get the picture.


“I sent Louis’ sample email to our HR department. They got a quote from Louis and promptly booked him for our Customer Appreciation event. Easiest $200 I’ve ever made! Thanks Louis, you’ll be hearing from me again!”
Amanda T.

“I sent an email to my friend whose son plays Midget hockey. They forwarded it to the coach who booked Louis for their team’s fundraiser. Thanks for the $200, Louis!”
Brenda M.

Who do YOU know who will be interested in this show?

You probably know a LOT of people who would be EXTREMELY interested!

Like family, friends and workmates involved with…

  • Community Events
  • Sports Teams
  • Groups holding Fundraisers
  • Fraternal Associations
  • Business and Corporate functions
  • Municipal Events
  • Theatres

These groups are always looking for entertainment ideas!
And they will THANK YOU  for your suggestion.

(Please note: Private Parties held in people’s homes are exempt from the Referral Fee offer).

It’s funny, but I do have a hard time convincing people that this Fee is REAL. “But it sounds too good to be true.”

Well, it’s not “too good”, but it’s “pretty darn good”.

And everybody wins. That’s the best part! Forward this info to any of your friends and family who’d want to make $200 for sending an email.

And please write me if you have ANY questions!

Thank you – I look forward to giving you $200!


Save the Info Sheet below and attach it to all referral emails you send.