“An engaging, nonthreatening, mind-blowing, audience participation magical mystery tour.”
Monday Magazine

Make your event FUN, UNIQUE and UNFORGETTABLE with this Edmonton Magician of the Mind and Mentalist!

Hire an entertainer for your event which EVERYBODY will enjoy! Louis’ Comedy Magic Show of the Mind is GUARANTEED entertainment for Events including Fundraisers, Banquets and Parties!
His MIND MAGIC Show is astonishing, funny and critically acclaimed!

I cannot recommend highly enough.” Calgary Herald

It can be a challenge to hire entertainment which EVERYONE will like.
And that’s where Louis’ show is different.

His MIND MAGIC Show is entertainment which really does entertain EVERYBODY.

Louis’ ability to make us laugh while blowing our minds is a true talent.

Louis Pezzani’s Mind Magic will leave your jaw on the ground and your mind working overtime trying to figure out what just happened!

It was a fantastically entertaining show and I would highly recommend Louis for any and all events.”

Concrete Alberta

MIND MAGIC has LOTS of audience participation
Everyone can take part in the show.
Without even leaving their seats!

But this isn’t a hypnotism show!
No one is EVER embarrassed or made fun of!

In fact, your guests become the STARS, and take part in funny and amazing demonstrations of ‘mindreading’, photographic memory, and mind over matter.
Where metal objects
Bend, Twist and MELT!

Louis is considered one of the top “Metal Benders” in the world, and these astounding, and extremely rare, demonstrations are always an hugely popular part of his show.


I would strongly recommend your show to any organizations considering entertainment at their functions.

You stunned this group of industry veterans with your astonishing demonstrations of mindreading and metal bending. We had lots of great feedback from the group about the presentation. They found you to be extremely professional, pleasant, and easy to work with.”
Meeting Planners International (Greater Calgary Chapter)


Audience members become the STARS of the show and everyone is treated with respect and courtesy.

“Especially great for staff functions as no one is embarrassed or made fun of.”
RBC Dominion Securities Inc.


MIND MAGIC is world class entertainment with 100% “clean” humour.

“Old-school charm, easygoing humour and a pledge never to embarrass the many audience volunteers he uses.”
Edmonton Sun

Edmonton Mentalist Louis Pezzani Makes a Funny


Engaging, contemporary and mysterious entertainment that has a universal appeal.

“Pezzani has a good thing going here. With dark good looks, intense eyes and a soothing comforting voice he bends the minds in his audience with class and style.”
Edmonton Journal


Like NOTHING You’ve Ever Seen!
This show is also a fantastic Ice-Breaker, giving even complete strangers LOTS to talk about.

“Your show was awesome and people have been talking about it days later.”
Town of Provost


Your guests will thank you for providing them with a show unlike anything they have ever experienced!
Everyone will remember your event for a VERY long time.

“Louis was wonderful. This year’s success was above and beyond our expectations. So many people were impressed that we had several people ask about him for their own events.”
Honda West, Calgary

Funny! Amazing! Unforgettable!

Hire entertainment EVERYONE will love!